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SCM EMO 2021 - regional call for proposals

SCM EMO 2021 - regional call for proposals

Italian innovation and intelligence on preview at EMO Milan 2021

SCM - Special Cutting Mills participated in the international trade fair EMO 2021 "The Restart Edition".

Through this project, TECNICA srl. wants to start a new path for contacting and creating of significant network with leads/distributors interested in SCM branded products, overcoming the limits of remote knowledge and word of mouth.
Through the event we wanted to set up a growth path to strengthen and promote our company image and to become known not only locally, but also among leads in the domestic and foreign markets (Europe and non-EU).
The final goal deriving from the participation in the event is the positive feedback from the new interlocutors.
Expected results:
- increased sales in 2022
- to establish significant relational bases to set up commercial agreements.

Project amount: € 29,073.87
Facilitation granted: € 14.536,93


SCM - Special Cutting Mills launches the #THREAD series !

Milling cutter born for #THREAD.

Threading from solid or with pre-drilling!
Produced in diameters ø: 3.5 - 4.2 - 5.6 - 6.8 - 7 - 8.4 - 9.2 - 11.2 - 15
with different lengths: 52 - 78 - 105 - 120


Configure your cutter now with our new #CONFIGURATOR ⇩

SCM® introduces the FAST end mills!

SCM® introduces the FAST end mills!
SCM - Special Cutting Mills launches the #FAST series !Milling cutter created to optimize #deep #flattening and #deep #nerving.Produced in ø diameters: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 with different lengths.
You can say goodbye to conventional #STANDARD machining.With the #FAST series you drastically reduce time and costs.using only one cutter, you get the finished shapestarting from solid, thanks to the #real (not theoretical) #radius,the short cutting edge and the strong structure, you ensurehigh stability and excellent finish.
Configure your milling cutter now with our new #CONFIGURATOR ⇩
Download the #depliant ⇩
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