Milling with Italian Intelligence

Production 4.0

Production 4.0

Constant implementation of new technologies, analysis of data and automation. Optimized methods and tools. With SCM®, production 4.0 is already a reality: that is how we guarantee you a production process targeted on maximum performance, efficiency and continuous improvement.

Data Management 4.0

The entire production system is managed by means of integration of the management system with the events of the factory. In real time, we can monitor the production process constantly, accurately supervising the timing, machine events and flow of materials.

Machinery 4.0

Our production line consists of machines of the latest generation and fully compliant with the Industry 4.0 standards. Our machines are interconnected with one another and with the management system. In this way we can determine the state of progress on orders and optimize the production process of your customized cutting tools.

Quality Control 4.0

The system of control makes use of video cameras that can check precisely the dimensional tolerances of the tools. The integrated logistic-productive system, combined with the control system, makes it possible to trace the production lots through every stage of processing and issue conformity certificates for the products.